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I'll soon be teaming up with the inspiring Sarah Hyndman for a hands-on half-day of creative (and informative) fun.


We going to amalgamate Sarah's amazing Type Tasting workshops with the #mindmonsters concept. The result? A creative, transformational program for people who want to let go of self-sabotage and make the most of their minds. 

The venue and date for this event are yet to be confirmed, but we're planning for either April or May, 2018, and it'll be somewhere in London. 

To register your interest or just hear more about it, click this link and enter your email address (the below mailing list for workshop/talk information only, and the messages will be infrequent. If you'd like to sign up for my main list, you can do so here).


Words, scribbles and Insights

The images above were taken at a Type Tasting workshop for Wellcome, hosted by collaborator Sarah Hyndman

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