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Making magic from monsters

A Creative Online Course for Overcoming Self-sabotage

In partnership with Life + Me

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
- Carl Jung

It’s not enough just to know, consciously, what we want to change in our lives. In order to make a meaningful difference, we need to talk to the unconscious mind as well. But these two systems speak in different tongues. While the conscious can respond to pure logic and reasoning, the unconscious works with symbolism, imagery, emotion and metaphor.


Making Magic From Monsters pulls all of these modalities together. You’ll learn the theory that you need to get a mindful hold on the changes you’re making, and you’ll engage in creative tasks and visualisations that will help you to connect with the deeper awareness within and “make the unconscious conscious.”

"Hazel has created a unique and profound course that I believe has transformed my relationship with my anxiety. By coming face to face with my mind monster, together with all of Hazel's other very accessible techniques, I feel a real sense of understanding about how, when and why my mind creates the monsters it does. I am truly, deeply and humbly grateful to Hazel Gale for making this course."


- R J Hammond (Australia)

The Course

Whether we do it by drinking too much, saying the wrong things, procrastinating or just acting like an idiot, we all know what it’s like to self-sabotage.

Making Magic From Monsters is a course for anyone who has ever wondered if they are actually their own worst enemy.

  • Learn the mental mechanics of self-sabotage; why we do the things we wish we wouldn’t

  • Identify your most damaging limiting beliefs and teach your mind how to let them go

  • Explore your unconscious world through creative tasks and guided meditations

  • Track your self-doubt back to where it started and install a more positive belief system


The Format

The course consists of videos, articles, tasks, guided meditations and visualisations.


It’ll be delivered straight to your inbox in daily thirty-minute chunks over the course of one week (although you can take more time if you like).


Not Just a Chapter of a Textbook

I love the psychology of thought. It’s fascinating. But too much theory in one sitting can feel stale and lifeless. Making Magic From Monsters has been designed to combine the necessary theoretical information with practical tasks and creative processes, so you can enjoy learning about the workings of your mind in an exciting and varied way. 

By the end of the week, you’ll have met and communicated with the “monster of your mind,” and taught it a better – more successful, connected, magical – way of being.

Staying Connected

You can take this course from the privacy of your own home and never need to mention it to anyone if you like. However, I think that the real magic happens when we share, so I’ve made sure to facilitate this. 

I have created a private Facebook group for course members and readers of the related book Fight: Win Freedom From Self-Sabotage. The group is there for you to ask questions, share stories and discuss what comes up for you.


You can find us here: join the conversation on Facebook.


Get Started!

If you’re ready to meet your monster and make some magic, then you can begin right away.

The price of the course is £19.99, and once you’ve paid that, you’ll have lifelong access to the processes and visualisations (so you can use them to tackle any future self-sabotaging issues that might crop up for you). 


I look forward to meeting you soon!

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