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"Ebony and the monster"

This beautiful piece of music was contributed by Ebony Buckle

Ebony contacted me after coming across the Making Magic From Monsters online course. She had written these lyrics a couple of years ago but had not recorded the track. The #mindmonsters project inspired her to lay down this live performance, and we couldn't be more thrilled!


Read the lyrics below.​


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"Ebony and the monster" - the lyrics

She fell apart day by day
And week by week in silence
And in the dark a monster stirred
And fed upon her kindness.


A blue tint vase and chorus shoes
And flowers in her hair. 
She closed her eyes and held her breath
And wished for it to care. 


But all her blood was running cold

And she could only run

And push and push at he who she loved
Until they both were done.



And then this beast did something odd

This sucker-out of life

This parasite fell to its knees

And handed her a knife.

"I have hurt you far too much

And you are all too young

I only wanted someone else

To put warmth in my lungs."​


She knelt before this fearsome creature

Cradled face with hand.

She gently took the knife from him and

Placed it in the sand.


"You are not the one to blame
For all this dark and fury
I made you thus and here you are
In all your
 cruellest glory"


She looked at it and it at her

And hand in hand they turned

And walked away into the world

And where they touched

It burned.



We don't need to slay our monsters. These aspects of self can bring us creativity, connection, success and so much more. We just have to make friends with them first.


To learn how you can do this, take a look at my book, FIGHT: Win Freedom From Self-sabotage, or my new online course: Making Magic From Monsters.

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