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INTRODUCING #mindmonsters

Created by therapist, author and ex-athlete, Hazel Gale, #mindmonsters is an artistic mental-health-awareness campaign.


Emotional issues can make us feel isolated. But we all have our monsters of the mind. The images on this site have been contributed by people from all over the world who have dared to explore and express their fear, shame and self-doubt in order to take control.

Feel free to browse the monsters and hear their stories.


Or, if you're ready to meet your monster, you can learn how to join the conversation here.


Monster name: "All Eyes on Me"


Q: What kind of self-sabotage were you thinking of when you made this monster? 

A: Exam anxiety - I guess this self-sabotage comes under 'not believing your own knowledge/skill level and overthinking in the moment'.


Q: If your monster could speak, what would it say?

A: 'Really?' (in a doubtful, patronising, belittling voice).


Q: Where does your monster live?
A. In my head, occipital lobe.


Q: Where do you think it might have come from? 

A: From people of note projecting what they want to hear onto someone's answers - every verbal exam I have ever done in my life to an audience that can't hear the answer.


Q: How does it make you feel?
A: Small.


Q: What do you wish you could do with your monster?  

A: Fade the colours and reduce the noise.

This contributor (anonymous) answered the final question with another gif. See the first image in the gallery below: 




This beautiful piece of music was contributed by Ebony Buckle

Ebony contacted me after coming across the Making Magic From Monsters online course. She had written these lyrics a couple of years ago, but had not recorded the track. The #mindmonsters project inspired her to lay down this live performance, and we couldn't be more thrilled!


Read the lyrics here .


Like Ebony's Facebook page for more of the same. 


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